Brazil breaks another record in coffee exports

14/01/2017Brazil breaks another record in coffee exports

Sales of Arabica and soluble coffee reached their highest annual total in 2016 since the product started being exported from the country. The industry earned US$ 5.4 billion in 2016.

Exports of Brazilian coffee varieties exceeded 34 million 60 kg bags in 2016. Of the total, 29.56 million bags were of Arabica green coffee, 580,310 of Robusta coffee, 29,200 of Roasted & Ground Coffee and 3,830,000 of soluble coffee.

According to the Council of Brazilian Coffee Exporters - CeCafé - responsible for the report (link in Portuguese), in 2016, Arabica and soluble coffee reached the highest annual volume since coffee started being exported from Brazil.

The Council showed that exports of Brazilian coffee amounted to approximately US$ 5.4 billion in 2016, or 6.4% of Brazil's total agribusiness exports for the year (of US$ 84.9 billion).

The report also lists all major continents that imported Brazilian coffee last year: Europe, with 18.42 million bags; North America, with 7.60 million; Asia, with 5.95 million; and South America, with 1.17 million. Africa, Oceania and Central America together were responsible for importing about 860,000 bags of coffee from Brazil in 2016.

Specifically regarding December 2016, the same report shows that Brazil exported 3.07 million bags of coffee, generating US$ 557 million in revenue for the country. Exports of green coffee totalled 2,748,710 bags in the month (2,737,673 bags of Arabica and 11,037 bags of Robusta), while industrialised coffee exports reached 320,268 bags (319,331 of soluble coffee and 937 bags of roasted and ground coffee).

Published on January 14th, 2017